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Serving the entire Minneapolis / St. Paul area + Suburbs

Not happy with your current cleaning outfit? Don't worry, relax the day away with our guaranteed service. We'll answer the phone day or night for your satisfaction. We incentivize our employees to do a great job for you – your way.

We clean to your specifications, not from a quick corporate checklist. Attention to detail is the key to our repeat business.

At The Good Maid, we work with the entire Twin Cities metro - the entire Minneapolis area including the St. Paul area and surrounding suburbs. We use only professionals that carry out the cleaning job, which makes it easier for you, the home owner to interact with and order specifications that you want, so we can get the done right for you! Therefore, we leave no room for any misunderstandings, or any laxity when it comes to your
St Paul / Minneapolis house cleaning!

The services offered are user specific and the company takes each detail of the work to be carried out for cleaning the house and accordingly assigns the professional individuals for the job.

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